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Aaron Fitzgerald

Aaron Fitzgerald

Aaron teraz ukończył praktykę i wkracza w świat pełen etat osobistego treningu tutaj w toku. Energetyczny, zrozumienie i cierpliwość, będziesz często Aaron roamingu podłogę siłowni daje silne wskazówki na temat techniki i zachęcanie naszych członków. Aaron has recently completed Boxercise, Strength and Conditioning Level I & II, Kettlebells, TRX, Pre and Post-Natal, Spin and Nutrition qualifications. Nie mam wątpliwości, że z pasją, że Aaron posiada do ćwiczeń i dobrego samopoczucia, że ​​będzie wybitny sukces jako trener osobisty.

Aaron gospodarze nasze niezwykle popularne zajęcia 3zer0 każdy porze lunchu.

Tel: 07710 119682
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I have to start by saying that I was always someone who never believed personal training was for me, I had been going to various gyms for years and fooling myself into thinking my plan was the best one and there were none better.

I knew Aaron from one of the classes he ran at the gym and he impressed me with his passion for fitness and his knowledge base in general in and around the gym. After an in-depth discussion about what I was looking to do, Aaron sent me away with a food diary so he could then formulate and adapt a nutrition plan to match my needs that would fit my lifestyle and create a workout plan that would complement the nutritional side.

I am three months into the plan that Aaron has devised for me and the results have been nothing short of staggering, I have lost inches of body fat in all the right areas, my general health seems much better for it and it certainly helps with the everyday stresses of modern life. I feel much fitter, znacznie szczęśliwsi w siebie i jestem teraz faktycznie spędzać mniej czasu na dół na siłowni niż ja wcześniej, ale upewniając Trenuję prawidłowo, kiedy jestem tam. Aaron really knows his stuff and comes up with new ideas to keep the workouts varied and interesting and to ensure you are making progress and is always available for help or encouragement.

I would highly recommend Aaron and Ignite training to anyone who is looking for real, lasting results.

Matt Wills

As someone who had barely been into a gym and was massively overweight, I was worried about jumping in on my own.

Aaron put together a plan and has walked me through it step by step, supporting and adapting as my body reshapes.

The gains, positive changes and continued weight loss I put down to his plan, support and instruction.

Always happy to give advice and break things down to get the best results.

Cannot recommend highly enough.

Mike Wadkins