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The Mind Muscle Connection

“Congrats on getting your book published Rob, it’s well worth downloading for a read”
Nick Orton, BodyPower Expo – The UK’s largest fitness expo


The lessons learnt whilst under a barbell, pounding the tarmac or pushing out one more rep than you’ve ever done before can carry over into almost every other area of life. At the same time that you lift a weight, you lift yourself. Increasing your heart rate increases your speed of thought. Reps beget resilience. Seeing your actions and choices manifested as results within your own body gives cast iron reassurance of the relationship between intelligent effort and reward.

Looking for the spark? The Mind-Muscle Connection will give you the direction, motivation and impetus to get on the right track. Your body – the only one you’ll ever have – is your responsibility. Responsibility isn’t a problem, it’s an opportunity to take control – and control means results. Seize the opportunity now to make a difference and you’ll soon be reaping more than just visual rewards.

This collection of thoughts from gym floor will get you Pumped!


‘Reasons’ are one thing and ‘Excuses’ are distinctly another. Make sure you know the difference. Reasons are facts. Excuses are white lies to yourself. If you’ve made it clear to yourself that you have goals yet have made excuses to miss a workout then you’re lying to yourself