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I have been fairly active most of my life having started serious cycling when I was 14 doing mass start road racing which was frowned upon by the National Cyclists Union in the late 1940s. Whilst family camping in the Lake District I discovered rock climbing,joined a local club and proceed to spend every weekend for quite few years climbing in many areas of the UK. I then discovered Mountain Biking at the time I realised I was not going to climb harder grades than HVS and was about to stop climbing. I found I could compete quite well as a veteran in cross country racing and thoroughly enjoyed it. I only stopped mountain bike after a heavy fall going too fast downhill when I discovered that human bodies don’t bounce very well and ended up with a crushed vertebrae.

After a few years of doing very little I realised I needed to exercise more and tried a local gym but quickly became bored with treadmills and static bikes. My grandson’s partner convinced me to try CrossFit so I joined the local box and even though I found things like pull-ups almost impossible to do enjoyed the atmosphere and the coaches were very helpful and willing to work with an athlete a lot older than every one else.

About eighteen months ago the box I’d been using closed and after trying a couple of other gyms it was suggested by one of the CF coaches I should try Progress Gym. I went along and signed up for full membership as an over 60 (I’m actually aged nearer 90 than 60). After a thorough introduction to what was on offer from team member Brad Down I started working out in Progress Performance trying to emulate CF WODs.

I soon realised it wasn’t easy without guidance from a trainer so started attending the Wednesday Kettlebells class and found this was close to what I had been used to at CF. I also gave the Pilates/Yoga class a try but after a while realised that training 4 times a week was too much for me, a second Kettlebells class on Fridays had been added by this time and I was doing my own thing on Mondays.

So I asked Amanda Leonard, the Team Member who leads the Kettlebells classes, to work up a program for my Monday sessions and I have been doing that program since. Basically it is designed to work on my weaknesses so my overall fitness can improve. Amanda has recently changed the exercises I do to make it easier on some of my joints, so landmine presses and rows or dead lifts with the trap bar rather than the straight barbell.

I really enjoy the Progress Gym experience, the regulars at kettlebells classes are a joy to work with and we have a lot of fun but are expected to work hard, though I am allowed, even encouraged, to take longer breaks when I am flagging. All the team members, from the Boss down, make me welcome and I hope I’ll be able to carry on into my 90’s and later.

John Lewis


Progress Performance

Progress Performance

Want to exercise but just don’t like gyms? Welcome to Progress Performance – This is definitely not a gym!

Want to Olympic Lift? Go ahead and use our two platforms and brand new Bumper Plates. Want to Climb? Choose from traverse wall or rope climbing. Want to sprint? We’ve got a 4 lane sprint track just for you. Want to boost football performance or Rugby power? We have the kit you need. Want to prepare for military admission tests or outdoor races? We’ve got ropes, monkey bars, weighted dummies and plenty of room for bleep tests

I joined Progress in January 2017 just after Performance opened. It was definitely the deciding factor when choosing which gym to join, as no other gym offers anything like this in the area! The facilities are an amazing addition to the site and the possibilities when training are endless. Performance makes training super fun and easy to mix it up when you get in to a training rut! The classes in Performance are an awesome way to meet fellow members and get your hands on the equipment and learn new techniques with the help of the friendly and passionate Progress team. I would recommend Progress & Progress Performance to everyone who wants to add some fun to their training and a friendly gym vibe!

Kirsty Edwards




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